Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After waiting 7 weeks (January 26th) since my phone interview and getting Pending Status on February 9th, I have finally been accepted into the Disney College Program as a Quick Service Food and Beverage Cast Member! I was very excited when I finally got the email. I was checking my email during class, so I smiled when I saw the (1) next to my Disney College Program email folder. I opened up the email and a smile went over my face. Once I got out of class, I was beyond excited. I am going to work for Disney, I can't believe it! :)

While QSFB was not in my Top 3 choices, I will take anything to work for Disney. My mom thinks that what really helped me get in was the phone conversation with my recruiter on Friday. I had sent an email to the DCP email address on Tuesday, March 9th and addressed at the top for the email to go to the recruiter listed in my pending letter. I got a phone call on March 11th from the recruiter asking me to call her back so she could answer my questions. I was in class when she called me so I had to call her back on Friday. When I called on Friday, we had a nice 5-10 minute conversation and she seemed to ease my nerves about waiting for a decision. My mom thinks that talking with my recruiter on the phone showed that I am very interested in the Program and therefore led to my acceptance. I think that might of played a part. ;)

(I will probably create a new vlog once my purple folder comes.)

Nevertheless, I am a Quick Service Food and Beverage Cast Member for Fall Advantage 2010. Now to decide on arrival dates...


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