Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phone Interview Complete!

I just got off the phone with Anette. Interview lasted 24 minutes. We talked about my Top 3 roles (Attractions, Merchandise, Main Entrance Operations). I wasn't asked all the questions I had prepared for. From the sound of the interview, I think I might be better fit for Merchandise or Main Entrance Operations. Anette asked about multi-tasking and if a guest needed help and the phone started ringing, who would I help (I said I would help the guest first since they are the most important). I added Walmart to my previous job experience section of my application since I had run out of room when filling it out to add a 4th job. I think this is why Anette asked questions about merchandise and cash handling. Anette told me I should expect to hear something within 3-4 weeks, though I will use what the website says as a guideline.

Overall, I told Avette that I was a huge Disney fan and the reason I am interested is because I'm a big fan and also I like to read Disney websites, blogs, and watch videos every day. I made sure to tell her to "have a magical day" before hanging up and she said the same to me. :)

Waiting period begins again...


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